Welcome traveller,

Welcome traveller,

I’m Ramone and I initially created Wild Sage Wellbeing to bring together my love of spending time in mother nature, my desire for learning – through travel and through delving deeper into my own internal world, and my desire to live a long, happy and healthy life!

The vehicle I’ve used to share these passions for the last five years has been yoga adventure retreats. I’ve been lucky enough to host them in amazing locations across Australia and all around the world. I’m proud to say I’ve helped hundreds of people experience a deeper connection with themselves through my passion project!

As I also have a passion for conservation and a deep belief that yoga’s true power lies in translating the personal learning we do on our mats into actions that make the world a better place, my future retreats will all have an element of Seva or positive action incorporated in them. Whether it’s by donation of money or manpower, there are so many ways we can be of service to those less fortunate or empowered than us.

With a yoga practice that’s been with me my entire adult life and now a number of years spent teaching it, I’m excited to be moving towards sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained with other teachers.

I love helping people grow and know there’s so many new teachers coming into yoga who want to keep learning and refining their skills to better serve their students. Through mentoring and professional skills development programs I hope to help raise the standard of yoga education for yoga teachers and long time students interested in deepening their study of yoga.

I also have a passion for breaking down the stigma of yoga being something about flexibility! I want yoga to be accessible to everybody as it’s a tool that can be used at any life stage to help you be a better you!

One of the most powerful tools I discovered through yoga was meditation. Through my own personal experiments with a number of styles of meditation I developed a simple introductory meditation course ‘Commit to Sit”. The course now has a range of levels from beginner to advanced and can be taken in-person or online in your own time.

As you’ll read below my motto and aspiration is to be wild, be wise and be well and all of my offerings through Wild Sage Wellbeing are designed to do the same!

Thanks for reading – I hope you’ll join me on an adventure soon – either in person or digitally! It might just change your life!


Be Wild. We Wise. Be Well.

Ramone xo 

our values

Be Wild.

Nature. Adventure. Explore. Travel. Inspired Action.

We’re living in an ever more crowded world, leading busier lives – and at the same time seeking deeper fulfilment. Being wild is both about getting in touch with what nourishes and inspires you at a deep level and about taking positive action to help make the world a better place.

‘Rewilding’ have you heard of it?

It’s both a nature conservation strategy that aims to return human-damaged habitats back towards their natural state of healthy, functioning ecosystems and a human health concept that encourages reconnection with the basic essentials of life to bring you back into balance from the chaos we create in our hectic modern lives.

As more of our time and behaviour is taken away from natural rhythms and cycles it’s important to reconnect with your true essence to stay happy and healthy. The best way to do this is to get out into nature!

This is why all of my retreats are in places of stunning natural beauty… and ideally, without wi-fi! If you’re looking for answers you’re not going to find them ‘outside’ of yourself, but you’re also not going to find them inside the mess and noise of your daily distractions and numbing habits. Stepping away to reset can really help you reconnect.

We limit ourselves when we disconnect from what inspires, nourishes and heals us… or even worse, never find out what does. Take some time out for yourself and find your wild again on retreat with me!

It’s an important part of living your yoga of the mat to take the lessons you learn on the mat and turn them into real-world actions. From the daily choices that you make there’s a broader impact that flows from you to your closest connections, your community and outward.

It’s through mindful actions that we can make the world a better place through our collective positive impacts.

Be Wise.

Listen. Observe. Feel. Reflect. Intuition. Meditate. Wisdom.

The cultivation of wisdom. Developing self awareness is a lifelong learning process! Along with life experience there’s some centuries old tried and tested techniques that can help speed up and deepen your understanding and acceptance of yourself.

Being wise is an ongoing process of learning from reflecting on your own experiences and also choosing to accept lessons from those sent to guide you. It involves self exploration the application of new ways of being towards yourself, and those you interact with every day.

We have the power to shape our reality and evolve and change our brains through how we direct consciousness. Harnessing this and directing this power will help you create a life you love to live.

I’d love to help you on your journey towards personal empowerment and peace through my Commit to Sit Meditation programs. I’ve designed Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced programs to help you manifest goals, achieve balance and find contentment here and now.

Be Well.

Abundance. Health. Happiness. Contentment. Love. Self-Care.

What does wellbeing mean to you? To me it’s radical self-care and wholehearted self-respect played out in your choices and actions. The ability to honour where you’re at wherever you are on your personal journey, free expectations that limit you.

It’s knowing what you need to thrive and giving yourself permission to not just have it buy enjoy it! It’s about owning the boundaries that keep you healthy – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Your recipe for wellness is unique to you and by learning to listen to your intuition, honouring your highest calling you’ll be able to create and live the life of your dreams.