An ode to my body

Woman outside in yoga pose

For years I have fed you with vitriol, cursed you with hate, despised your perceived shortcomings in comparison to others.

You have been resilient in the face of all of this. Surviving in spite of this daily cascade of abuse. You have endured so much.

Unadulterated by ink tattoos, your skin and your heart bear a patchwork of scars, some self inflicted through adventures (and misadventures). Some borne of a life lived with an open heart and desire to be loved.

The external scars tell a story a life well lived, with the naivety of some one who trusts in the good of all people, with an explorers heart, a philosophers mind… and poor basic coordination skills.

The internal scars come from broken hearts and traumas I’m not yet able to speak of. You have survived them all, and their imprints fade moment by moment into the story of who I continue to become, not who I was when I earned them.

My body, you have taken me places so wild and remote that few others of the billions on our planet will ever get to experience. From climbing faraway rock faces to paddling down raging river rapids, from scaling epic mountains to sliding down them again, from surfing ocean waves in freedom to competing in the random-est of sports at the national level, your physicality has allowed me some life-changing and life-defining experiences.

The brain you house is both brilliant and ridiculous. The heart, both fiercely independent and wild, yet delicate and sensitive beyond what anyone who knows you superficially could imagine. The creativity only now emerging after years of fear, resistance and suppression is nothing short of a surprise.

As I’ve learned to listen and honour you in new and different ways, your messages come to me in whispers that I now have the sensory and emotional vocabulary to interpret and the empathy to take action on.

As my belief in your inherent worth increases, I’m able to reward you with trust and choices that are supportive of your health and abundance.

As our emerging relationship of mutual respect builds, the contentedness of being in your skin grows. Daily the gratitude I have for the opportunity to experience and interact with the world through you flourishes.

Thank you for everything that you have allowed me to do and everything that you are. I am honoured to have you as my vehicle for this life and I look forward to our ever deepening and enriching journey into the future together as friends instead of enemies.

In the purest expression of the divine in me, I now acknowledge am forever grateful for the divine perfection in you.



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