Tuscany Yoga Retreat – Eat, Play, Namaste!

Starts September 8, 2017
Ends September 16, 2017

14:00 - 10:00

Le Pianore Monticello Amiata


A Yoga adventure under the Tuscan sun!

I believe in adventure. I believe that travel makes you richer.

I believe that wonder is the elixir of youth. I believe in the power of nature to heal. I believe it is imperative to take time away from the distractions of everyday life to go within and reflect on how you feel and what truly makes you happy.  

I believe that yoga is a pathway to sustainable mental and physical wellness.

I believe in living a simple, joyful life.

I believe in enjoying the abundance the planet has to offer.

I believe in balance. 

That’s why the Eat, Play, Namaste Yoga Holiday is designed to engage all of your senses through exploring the culture, communities, customs, food, wine (yes, even wine!) and your innermost self through immersion in the impeccable setting of the rural countryside of Tuscany, Italy.

The perfect balance of fun, rest, adventure, play, travel, solitude, community, mindful indulgence, sensory fulfilment, and expertly guided yogic practices; Eat, Play, Namaste is the personal get-away you need in 2017 to help you be wild, be wise and be well!

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Eat, Play, Namaste!

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