The life changing magic of going away

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Or: the difference between retreating and running away and how this can change your life…

Why do I retreat? Why is nature such a big part of the experiences I curate?

The value travel for me comes from its ability to afford you some perspective.

Travel, like transformation, isn’t necessarily easy. What’s easy is to stay in your comfortable cocoon of self-imposed suffering. If you don’t think you’re suffering, well done! If you’re wondering about any aspect of your life where you feel like you’re constantly running into brick walls or experiencing Bill Murray-style Groundhog Day over and over again, you’ll know the kind of suffering I’m talking about.

Humans are inherently resilient. We can suffer for decades, even lifetimes, before we surrender and admit that something needs to change. Or for those of us with egos too strong to surrender, the universe will wield it’s magic transformation wand and intervene to force change upon us [insert mental or physical health crisis, debilitating injury, career or relationship implosion here]. If you’re one of the lucky ones who avoids this kind of wake up call and makes a choice to change, you’ll know it’s time because you won’t be able to bear being with yourself even a moment more.

We can run, (Author’s note: I hold LIFETIME PRO status at this) but because your issues are in your tissues, the adage that wherever you go, there you are, is true. Until you dig deep and address the root cause of your suffering, it doesn’t matter your location, your deep sense of imperfection and unworthiness (or other limiting core belief) will prevail. And by address I mean bring to the light, love wholeheartedly, give gratitude to and willingly heal by letting go, layer by layer of the programming you’ve used to survive up to this point in time.

Stepping away from your day-to-day life with its stressors, pressures, distractions and addictions into an environment where these have been purposefully minimised so you can spend time being with yourself, while your interaction with the cycles and unpredictability of the natural world are maximised, provides you with a huge opportunity to step back from the noise of your mind, the comfort of your habits and re-familiarise yourself with your own true nature.

Wait, don’t people have natural cycles and unpredictable natures too? Well howbowdah? Yeah they do! The wide world of which we are a part, holds vast amounts of wisdom that we can mine in order to remind ourselves about who we really are – and what is actually really important. And these change over time.

I truly believe in the healing power of nature.

One must be humble to play in the wild. No matter how much we desire to control every aspect of our lives, we cannot outsmart or overpower Mother Nature… and even if we can, do we really want to? With out her we’re all fuqued. Better to learn to respect and exist harmoniously with what surrounds us… wait, that sounds like a really peaceful and healthy way to live… well howbowdah again?

By taking some time out to commit to yourself, without the pull (or push) of that which ails you in your face all the time, you can gain some perspective and shift your relationship not just with those elements of your life you might be blaming for your suffering, but also to deepen and clarify your relationship to yourself… and thereby take responsibility for how you view the circumstances of your life.

It’s within this transformation of perception that your true power lies.

You don’t have to go away to find yourself but a little space is sometimes exactly what you need in order to change they way you view yourself and your life.

If you have the level of privilege to be reading this on your electronic device, you have so very much to be grateful for. If you can’t go away today to find the perspective you seek, a daily practice of giving thanks for all that you have in your life (both positive and challenging) can start the process of transforming your world view right now.

The other simple, free tool for transforming your life is through taking back the reins that direct the charging chariot of your mind. Take five today, whether it be five deep breaths or five minutes of stillness to come back to the present and choose to steer the direction of your mind. All you have is now, running away to the past or the future will not help you escape your suffering.

Only by being truly, fully present with yourself, whether on your yoga mat, on a tropical island retreat, or in peak hour traffic, or when your two year old is having a meltdown will you find the peace and liberation you seek.

Wishing you a healing and peaceful day Wild Sages…

Namaste xo

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