What is yoga?

Yoga classroom

Gather around, make yourself comfortable…

I want tell you a little secret about Yoga.

Believe as you will that yoga is about ‘poses’.

Try as you might to master said poses.

Your effort is not for naught.

But your suffering and striving is also unnecessary.

You cannot ‘do’ yoga.

Yoga is the process of getting out your own way so you can see how perfectly wonderful you already are…

Of clarifying the relationship to self so you see, feel and act clearly. With compassion and intent.

It takes time and discipline to discover this… this is your practice.

No one else can lead you to yoga. You are your own guru.

If you’re keen to explore more thoughts like this, I invite you to enrol in my upcoming yoga teacher training. 

You’ll learn more than how to align someone’s asana.

You’ll learn about yourself, and how you can hold space for others to do the same in your presence.

Please contact me if you have any questions about Yoga teacher training.


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